Teen being pregnant scandal in Samut Prakan: Uncle accused of sexual abuse

The mom of a teenage daughter filed a grievance against the 15 12 months old’s uncle for rape resulting in her pregnancy in Samut Prakan province. The teenage girl’s 37 12 months old mom said the uncle has been sexually abusing her daughter since she was 14. She is eight months’ pregnant.
The pair arrived at Bang Sao Thong Police Station to file the complaint at round 8pm yesterday. The mother, known as A, observed her daughter B’s unusual behaviour and the noticeable improve in size. After questioning her teenage daughter, A discovered that the girl’s uncle had been sexually assaulting her, main her to turn out to be pregnant. A medical examination confirmed an eight-month being pregnant.
Providing her account to police, B revealed that the abuse commenced in early September 2022, when she was nonetheless a 14 yr outdated Grade 9 scholar. Unlock had been staying at a shared house when the uncle, at night, started to assault her. The lady alleges that she was threatened into silence and out of concern, determined to not share what was taking place with anyone, reported Sanook.
B confessed to being sexually assaulted by her 28 12 months old uncle 5 to six instances, causing excessive distress with thoughts of suicide being entertained on multiple occasions.
Adding to this twisted story, it was disclosed that the uncle, in response to a call from a family member questioning his actions, claimed he was unaware of what had transpired as a outcome of he was drunk.
Following the receipt of these alarming testimonies, the police resolved to assemble solid proof and request approval for an arrest warrant towards the alleged perpetrator. Moving ahead, their focus remains on a radical investigation, ensuring justice prevails for the victims involved..

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