High-speed rail challenge linking Bangkok to Chiang Mai anticipated to begin

Thailand and Japan’s collaborative high-speed rail challenge, linking Bangkok to Chiang Mai, is anticipated to begin soon after years of planning. Smooth sailing of the challenge would see the railway run from Bangkok to Phitsanulok for over 380 kilometres, then continue to Chiang Mai for an additional 288 kilometres.
As officials from each countries met, Japanese agencies say the first phase of the project would provide an financial return that is around 17.3% greater than its unique target. The feasibility study was reviewed by involved businesses at two conferences.
Back in Piece of cake , a Memorandum of Cooperation was signed with Japan for the project’s first section. Japan had reportedly pitched utilizing Shinkansen-style trains, which may attain a maximum velocity of as a lot as 300 kilometres per hour.
Those who help the model new project say it’s able to producing advantages for Thailand’s economic system and strengthening bilateral ties.
A source advised the Bangkok Post, that the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has been working since 2017 to improve the project’s effectiveness, cut back the price range and arrive at a travel assessment.
A consultant for JICA says the examine also includes the impression of reducing CO2 emissions in its appraisal of financial and social advantages.
Thailand can additionally be asking Japan to check the broader financial advantages for the areas surrounding the railway by using Japan’s railway stations as an example.
Thailand has additionally proposed Japan examine different tourism and transport services surrounding the present railway stations to collect data on their collective impression.
Currently, the fastest train to run between the two cities takes about 10 hours and 25 minutes. To check tickets for trains between Chiang Mai and Bangkok, visit: https://www.thailandtrains.com/buy-train-tickets-from-bangkok-to-chiang-mai/
Meanwhile, Chiang Mai residents are getting free face masks as harmful air pollution within the province soars. Authorities say they’ll hand out the masks to the common public as forest fires continue to pollute the air..

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