VIDEO: The Art of Banksy: Without Limits, in Bangkok

The subversive work of street artist Banksy is now showing in Bangkok.
The exhibition “The Art Of Banksy: Without Limits” kicked off final week and can be seen at Moca Bangkok on Kamphaeng Phet 6 Road until December 31. It is the first time the anarchic British graffiti artist has displayed his work in Thailand.
“The Art of Banksy” shows greater than 150 of the artist’s works such as his unique items, prints on different kinds of materials, pictures, sculptures, murals, installations, mapping reveals and rather more.

A video documentary accompanies the exhibit offering insights into his life and work, all offered in a singular setting. Fill in the blanks promises a genuinely impressive experience and is a “must-see” to have fun Banksy’s art and carry it out into the broader world.
The id of Banksy stays a thriller and is far speculated. But The Thaiger believes they’ve unravelled the mystery HERE.
Accessible takes numerous varieties. It is satirical, subversive, and political. It one means or the other manages to combine a distinctive stencilling method with black humour, and biting political and social commentary.
Banksy as quickly as characterised graffiti as a type of underclass “revenge,” or guerrilla warfare that enables an individual to snatch away power, territory and glory from an even bigger and better-equipped enemy

Some contemplate him a prankster, others, an artistic genius. From Bristol to Barcelona, Sydney to San Francisco, one thing that everybody agrees on is that his reputation can’t be denied. In 2010, Time journal chosen the British artist for its record of the world’s one hundred most influential people among the company of Barack Obama, Steve Jobs, and Lady Gaga. Millions know him, and his works are on sale for millions.

As the enigmatic and elusive king of avenue artwork, Banksy has a singular energy. He has an unnerving ability to get to the guts of the matter and is prepared to express strong political statements with poetry, energy and humour. Any location along with his works turns into “the” place to see. When Bristol City centre asked residents to vote on whether they needed Banksy’s work removed, 97% of individuals said it was a welcome addition to the city. His works are almost like restricted presents across the urban panorama.
Proceeds from the exhibition will fund Louise Michel, an unbiased lifeboat that patrols the Mediterranean for refugees in misery, that Banksy has generously supported..

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