Unveiling the dark facet of intercourse doll amassing: Thai man’s spooky encounters together with his new doll

A Thai sex doll collector took to Facebook to share some spooky tales that may not look misplaced in a horror movie after he purchased a brand new doll from a stranger online.
The man, who runs a Facebook page called the Imaginary Diary of a Drink Vendor (ไดอารี่สุดกาวของพ่อค้าร้านน้ำ), believes the intercourse doll he purchased is haunted by a troubled spirit.
A stranger messaged the customer on Facebook and provided him a flawless second-hand sex doll at a really cheap value. The unique value was forty,000 baht but he obtained a reduction and paid only 25,000 baht.
The vendor delivered the doll to him the subsequent day. The man thoroughly checked the doll and found that it was more than good for the price he paid. He put clothes on her, combed her hair and then placed her within the bedroom with the remainder of his harem.
While he was dressing the doll, his girlfriend came round to verify on it. The scene she witnessed left her speechless! She was astonished! She said…
“Don’t you suppose the doll seems exactly like me? It appears so practical. Agree?”
The man acknowledged that the intercourse doll was remarkably lifelike and bore a close resemblance to his girlfriend by way of peak and body shape. However, he dismissed the similarities, stating that it was common as sex dolls are supposed to resemble actual girls. He then proceeded to retailer the doll within the second-floor bed room.
A day after getting the doll, strange things began occurring.
He heard a noise from the room, as something had fallen on the ground. When he went to check, he found a comb on the floor. Just as he went to place the comb again where it belonged, he observed that the doll’s hair was messy, as if she needed him to comb it. He was certain her hair was completely groomed the final time he saw her. Nevertheless, he combed the doll’s hair again and then put the comb again.
A few days later, the sex doll collector returned house after working in one other province for a couple of days and located that the doll had turned its face towards the door. He distinctly remembers that when he left for work the top was wanting straight forward.
He wrote on Facebook that he had an eerie feeling as if someone was watching him. He additionally acknowledged that he may need imagined it.
The man added that he was a intercourse doll collector and didn’t use the dolls for sexual purposes. Instead, he studied the dolls’ posture and anatomy for drawing. He additionally revealed that he had depression, and the dolls helped him get over his despair.
But the eerie feeling wouldn’t leave him and every time he turned his again on the doll or moved in regards to the room he felt as if the doll was following him.
The sex doll collector believes the doll could be possessed by a spirit and that is why he got it so low cost. The former proprietor had a nasty experience and wanted rid of it as a outcome of one thing dangerous had occurred. The man who sold it was just the intermediary, he did not own the doll.
The man says he is still trying to unravel the mysterious intercourse doll and find out where it got here from. He believes trauma surrounds the doll and wants to know what happened.
In Thailand, intercourse dolls and other sex toys are thought-about unlawful. Aside from that, an individual who possesses a sex toy is usually considered as being a intercourse addict, sexually obsessed, immoral and a hazard to society.
According to Thai Customs, exporting or importing sex toys can result in imprisonment of up to three years, a fine of as much as 60,000 baht, or each.
Some Thai users still purchase sex toys online, however they could find yourself with poor-quality merchandise. One woman even reported being electrocuted whereas utilizing a sex toy from an e-commerce website. The story raised awareness in regards to the security of intercourse toys, and heaps of urged the government to legalise them to manage their high quality and to forestall the dangerous case that the girl faced.
Last year, a former Member of Parliament from the Palang Pracharath Party, Sira Janejaka, urged the committee to legalize sex toys. Sira argued that it was a resident’s right to have and use intercourse toys and that it may help scale back sexual assault circumstances within the nation. However, Template is still into account, and no improvement has been launched but..

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