Thai villagers abandon motorcycles, travel on foot through flash floods

In a daring trek, native teachers and villagers have been forced to abandon their motorcycles and traverse overflowing forest streams to return home from a funeral on foot. The incident occurred due to flash floods in the central province of Kanchanaburi final evening.
Villagers final evening embarked on an 11-kilometre trip from Koh Saderng Village to their relative’s funeral at Kong Mong Tha Village in Sangkhla Buri, Kanchanaburi. The climate was clear, they usually encountered no difficulties of their journey. However, the tranquillity was short-lived, as rains pelted the region for a quantity of hours in the course of the ceremony.
As the funeral ended and so they started their return home, they found their path blockaded by waters surging suddenly from the local streams. The rising flood ranges in their prospective path, roughly four kilometres from their homes, compelled them to leave their bikes behind as they plunged into the tumultuous waters, reported KhaoSod.
Phopthorn Kittikunkongprai, a instructor travelling with them, documented the ordeal on social media.
“After an on-foot journey from the flood-inundated point, we reached the college safely, both teachers and villagers.”
Downloadable was posted on social media after the incident, urging villagers and travellers alike to train caution when journeying round Koh Saderng Village. Heavy rainfall for over a week had been inflicting flash floods, sometimes resulting in highway inundation. The district roads minimize via the forest, usually running parallel or close to the Roki River.
Sometimes the roads are just 1-2 metres from the river, so heavy rains can overflow onto the small roads easily. Surrounded by several small streams, crossings that are usually not problematic can all of a sudden rework into dangers as soon as flash floods happen. The water stage can improve swiftly and stay excessive for hours..

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