Thai Police arrest girl for million-baht cyber rip-off

A forty four year previous lady was arrested by the cybercrime division of the Thai Police today for her alleged involvement in a fraud operation that lost victims over 1 million baht. Bonanza comprised a gang operating name centres, which conned their victims into revealing sensitive banking info. The call centres duped victims by pretending to be bank employees or cops.
The scammers would contact unsuspecting victims, posing as workers from various banks. They would then inform victims that their personal info was being abused to open and use credit cards, which had impending payments. To report the cybercrime incident, the scammers instructed victims to report the scenario on-line. Once on-line, the victims were connected to the fraudsters posing as police officers from the Mueang Buriram Police Station.
Following this, the gang instructed the victims to add a contact named “Mueang Buriram Police Station” on a messaging app, Line. They then facilitated conversations between the sufferer and the person posing as the Director of Mueang Chiang Rai Police Station. This efficiently tricked the victims into believing that the scenario was certainly respectable, reported KhaoSod.
The scammers then threatened victims with legal action except they transferred cash as an indication of honest intentions. The act displayed by the call centre fraudsters led victims into transferring cash several instances into the account of the fraudulent group. When victims began noticing irregularities and suspected they had been scammed by professional con artists, they reported the incident. The scams resulted in losses amounting to more than 1,876,000 baht (US$53,265)..

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