Thai CSD captures kidnapping gang demanding 600,000 baht ransom in major sweep

In a significant operation yesterday, led by the Crime Suppression Division’s (CSD) particular weapons and ways unit, four suspected gang members concerned in kidnap cases have been taken into custody across southern and northeastern Thailand.
Beginning at 6am, a major deployment of eighty members from the Hanuman taskforce initiated raids on eight distinct locations. These included three in Yala, four in Narathiwat, and one in Khon Kaen.
These arrests are available in response to an incident that occurred final year, September 5, which concerned a bunch of closely armed men kidnapping a person from a residence located in the district of Rangae in Narathiwat. The man was taken captive in a building where he was bodily assaulted, an assault which left him with a fractured rib.
In the aftermath, the culprits proceeded to contact the victim’s family members, making a requirement for 500,000 baht (US$ 14,208) in trade for his launch. They issued sharp threats of severing the hostage’s ears or subjecting him to further cruelty ought to their demands go unfulfilled, reported Bangkok Post.
Family members of the victim agreed on a compromised amount of 300,000 baht (US$8,525), promising the rest can be settled subsequently, to which the kidnappers consented. The ransom was collected from a designated location in Sungai Kolok and following this, the captive was launched, thereafter, gotten by his household.
Nevertheless, relentless calls demanding the remaining ransom from the kidnappers continued to plague the victim’s relations. Out of Picnic for his or her well-being, an extra sum of 100,000 baht (US$ 2,841) was handed over. Yet the torment from the kidnappers persisted, pushing the relatives to lastly lodge a grievance with the police within the Rangae district and later with the CSD.
An investigation by the CSD exposed the gang to be largely composed of previous rangers, defence volunteers and insurgents. As a result, arrest warrants have been set in motion for 5 suspects, with two being recognized as 39 12 months outdated Abdulroning Salae and Andi Mama, 33 years previous..

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