“Kor kuad yar mong karm” an excellent marketing campaign by Ari Around.

Do you understand where the letter “ฃ” on the keyboard?
Letter ฃ or Kor Kuad for a bottle in Thai, which has been discontinued. Which makes people much less conversant in it and tend to overlook it, pondering it’s a useless letter. It cannot be used as nicely as an “empty water bottle” as a end result of today’s folks nonetheless have no idea the advantages and how to use it, inflicting them to at all times “overlook” the waste sorting of empty water bottles.
“Kor kuad yar mong karm” is due to this fact a marketing campaign that wishes to push individuals to focus on the problem of plastic water bottles that are abandoned without worth. As a end result, this campaign will encourage people to alter their habits and type their waste correctly, especially with plastic water bottles.
Because waste separation is the key to determining the value of waste, improper separation will lead to waste that cannot be reused. But if we separate waste correctly, garbage can then be processed in numerous methods that are suitable for it so as to benefit sooner or later. It also creates a model new perspective on the value of upcycling supplies to help scale back the amount and enhance the value of plastic bottles.
“Kor kuad yar mong karm”, so it’s a marketing campaign with a very fascinating concept as a result of it will make people in society aware of correct waste separation and see the value of plastic bottles that many people are most likely to overlook. By turning these plastic bottles into a trendy bag, everyone shall be surprised that it is a bag produced from plastic bottles!
If you guys want to know where these plastic bottles have disappeared.
Let us wait and see what happens.
Don’t forget concerning the twelfth of February when you have waste points.
Plastic waste is a big world problem. Savings isn’t reduced so lengthy as people’s behaviors prevent them from sorting waste, which is the origin of waste disposal.
Data from Wisight reveals that greater than 64% of Thai people believe that garbage collectors will combine all kinds of waste anyway. Nowadays, most Thai folks nonetheless get rid of garbage in a collective means, which is to mix every little thing in a single bag. And then it is thrown into a trash can, so it’s typically not sorted into each type of waste, which makes it troublesome to type waste. Food waste and moist waste, in particular, should not contaminate recyclable waste.
As a result of these behaviors,
The drawback of blockage in the drain from plastic waste scattered round is inflicting flooding problems. Garbage issues float in rivers and canals; some move into the ocean, causing the problem of plastic waste in the sea.
air air pollution problem brought on by burning non-degradable strong waste outdoors, leading to smoke and air pollution.
The vector drawback caused by waste left on the ground is a breeding ground for rats and flies. which is a carrier of communicable ailments, affecting the well being of people in the neighborhood.
So plastic waste is troublesome to decompose. Therefore, it takes up more landfill house than different kinds of waste, which causes a waste of budget and landfill space. Most Thai people nonetheless overlook it and ignore it. Because many people do not understand what benefits they may get from throwing their trash into the waste bin.
We want to be a half of creating knowledge for people to know and encourage good conduct in waste disposal.
#Ask for a bottle. Don’t ignore it. #Where did the bottle go?

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