From strays to real property: Animal caretaker places house on paws for sale to secure future for furry associates

The caretaker of almost 2,000 stray animals in Chon Buri introduced her home was up for sale to repay her bank money owed so she can continue to care for her animals. The seventy three yr old Thai lady, generally known as Aunt Tim, founder of the House of Angels for Stray Animals, is facing financial difficulties as a result of varied burdens including the worth of working the animal farm or pet sanctuary.
Aunt Tim said that she initially started caring for a few canines however gradually, the quantity elevated to a hundred. Over Itemized , her neighbours brought more stray dogs and her sanctuary grew to accommodate round 1,900 canines and 500 to 600 cats. Struggling with the growing prices of meals, medication, and salaries for her employees, Aunt Tim is now making an attempt to sell her house to cover the financial institution money owed and proceed providing for the welfare of the animals.
The House of Angels for Stray Animals is located at 85 Moo 13 in Muak Lek, Saraburi province. It is a registered shelter with the Department of Livestock Development and homes over 1,900 canines, around 500 to 600 cats, and two pigs, reported KhaoSod.
Aunt Tim revealed that she needs roughly 6,000 kilograms of dog food per 30 days, with three orders each at 2 tonnes. The daily bills include food for dogs and cats, fuel for autos, medical prices for the animals, and wages for her workers, some of whom can’t be paid during certain months due to monetary constraints..

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