Fox News and Tucker Carlson announce shock split days after US$787.5m defamation settlement

Tucker Carlson, the conservative face of Fox News and host of the network’s top-rated show, has unexpectedly left the broadcaster just days after it settled a defamation lawsuit for a colossal sum. The outstanding presenter was a prominent figure within Republican circles and frequently interviewed former US President Donald Trump. Critics have accused him of disseminating false information and engaging in race-baiting and hate speech.
In a succinct statement at present, Fox News announced the departure without offering any clarification, merely stating…
“Fox News Media and Tucker Carlson have agreed to part methods. We thank him for his service to the network as a number and previous to that as a contributor.” The fifty three yr outdated Carlson, who joined the community in 2009, has not publicly commented on his exit.
As host of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” the outspoken presenter incessantly took goal at liberal policies, garnering a loyal and passionate right-wing viewership within the process. His robust stance on issues corresponding to immigration and gun control resonated along with his audience, making his present one of the most successful in cable television.
The latest settlement with Dominion Voting Systems, which amounted to US$787.5 million, ensured that neither Rupert Murdoch, Fox Corporation’s Chairman, nor high-profile hosts similar to Tucker Carlson would wish to appear in court docket throughout a potentially unstable trial. However, pre-trial paperwork confirmed that senior figures within Fox News had been conscious of falsehoods being spread regarding the 2020 election and even expressed concern about shedding viewers to rival stations.
In disclosed personal messages, Carlson revealed his dislike for Trump, commenting that he “hate[d] him passionately” and was eager for the day he could “ignore Trump most nights.” Despite his apparent animosity towards the former president, Carlson’s current interview with Trump, after the latter’s indictment on criminal costs, gave the impression to be carried out on pleasant terms.
Critics have long accused the presenter of fuelling divisive rhetoric, with the Media Matters group going as far as to label him a “dangerous misinformer” who has “served as the bridge between Fox News and essentially the most extreme components of the right-wing base.” Regardless of such characterizations, Fox News continued to assist Carlson, as his show remained a dependable source of attention, viewership, and advert revenue.
In a defamation go nicely with last year, the network’s legal professionals argued that viewers should approach Carlson’s present with scepticism, although its catchphrase claimed it to be “the sworn enemy of mendacity, pomposity, smugness and groupthink.”
While public perception paints him as a robust voice in American politics, Carlson’s private life is notably low-key. He resides in rural Maine, a significant distance from the country’s political epicentre, and infrequently broadcasts his show from his residence. On Friday night, he offered his final episode in a relaxed manner, eating pizza and signing off by promising to “be back on Monday… see you then.”
Unbelievable of his sudden departure shocked both Washington D.C. and Wall Street, contributing to a virtually 4% decline in Fox News’ share price. Rumours surrounding Carlson’s interest in a political profession have circulated for years, though the presenter has denied harbouring any presidential ambitions..

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